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STOPEX® Mosquitoes | Xstop - Stopex

STOPEX® Mosquitoes

Stop mosquitoes !

The Repulsor STOPEX® STX-104

  • Is an electronic and ecological device, developed in Switzerland against mosquito sting, with adjustable sound volume and modulated high frequencies, cancelling the well-known habit-forming phenomenon.
  • Is an electronic application technique resulting from entomological tests practised in many countries.
  • Protect you by any outdoor activity, as sporting or camping, at the beach, by dining outside or in your dwelling. Very quiet in position I, it is effective in a 3 to 6 meters radius.
  • Simulate the sound of the inoffensive male mosquito flight which instinctively pushes back the fertilized females which are searching the essential substance for the maturation of their eggs: blood!
  • Does not harm the environment and does not contain chemicals. Is harmlos attested for humans and pets. Patent filed.
  • Does not throw. You just need to replace the AA 1.5V battery (no provided) after approximately 1 year of continuous use in the temperate zones.
  • 2 years guarantee, against any manufacturing defect exclusively.

The STOPEX® devices, Swiss development – made in France, are identical in all respects to our X-STOP® devices (1994-2020), except for the design and opening of the case by « click pen ». They are available worldwide, except South Korea.