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STOPEX® Martens, Pigeons, Gulls, Mice | Xstop - Stopex

STOPEX® Martens, Pigeons, Gulls, Mice

Drive away martens, pigeons etc. gently !

The Repulsor STOPEX® STX-103

Is an electronic and ecological device, effective against pigeons, gulls, mice, bats and weasels – or martens – with adjustable sound volume and modulated high frequencies, cancelling the well-known habit-forming phenomenon.
Is an ecological way to gently and effectively freed you from pigeons which ruin your balconies, terraces, roofs and cars with their dejections. The permanently modulated high frequencies disturb the fine hearing of these particularly sedentary birds and drive them out, sometimes after 2 or 3 days only. We had by shipyards convincing successes with gulls which are less sedentary.
Is especially effective against the weasels – or martens – which dangerously damage the cables and flexible cables of your vehicle. To install in the motor unit preferably in place protected from splashes. You should wash the chassis/motor first, if you were “visited” by a weasel.
Is certainly the solution to your mice and other different rodents problems. As they are resistant to repulsive chemical, they will be dislodged of your dwelling, thanks to the permanent disturbing of our modulated high frequencies.
Is effective in a 5 to 10 meters radius. Does not throw. You just need to replace the AA 1.5V battery (not provided) after approximately 1 year of continuous use in the temperate zones.
Is harmlos attested for humans and pets. Patent filed.
2 years guarantee, against any manufacturing defect exclusively.
The STOPEX® devices, Swiss development – made in France, are identical in all respects to our X-STOP® devices (1994-2020), except for the design and opening of the case by « click pen ». They are available worldwide.