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Xstop - Stopex | Chassez pigeons, fouines, moustiques et autres nuisibles...


Get rid of pigeons efficiently and gently


Protects you during any outdoor activity


Especially effective against martens damage

Chase away pigeons, martens, mosquitoes and other pests…

 mosquitoesWith the Repulsor STOPEX® STX-103, an electronic ecological device, effective against pigeons, mosquitoes, gulls, mice, bats and martens, with adjustable sound volume and modulated high frequencies, canceling the well-known habit-forming phenomenon.

Is an ecological way to gently and effectively free you from pigeons which stain your balconies, terraces and roofs with their dejections.

The permanently modulated high frequencies disturb the fine hearing of these particularly sedentary birds and drive them away. Even if the gull is less sedentary, we nevertheless had convincing results in shipyards.

Is especially effective against martens which can damage seriously, dangerously the cables and hoses of your vehicle.

The Repulsor STOPEX® STX-104, against mosquitoes, is the only proven effective alternative to allergenic creams and toxic chemicals.